Cool Haunting Domain Names


Tips for Selecting a Cool Haunting Domain Names


A company that ventures to succeed in a very competitive market, must lay its marketing strategies well. Online marketing and advertisements and SEO are among the best strategies that they must put into consideration. Hence, the need to have a catchy domain to attract the desired traffic. The companies with brandable domains stand at a better position in having new and many customers visit their website. The domain names are crucial in sending strong message to the customers. A good domain name should be able to give details on the products and services offered by the company/business. For instance, if a company has a domain name like wedding path; shows a company deals with the wedding clothes, jewellery, and related product and services.


There are a number of tips that should be embraced for a company to have a catchy and haunting domain name. These tips include the following;


1. Involve all parties related to your business in choosing the best domain name


For a company to end-up with the best domain name, it should consider involving its employees, board members, customers and even their writers. The parties involved with a certain business have all the reasons and ideas for the most convenient domain name.


2. Use of keywords in the domain name


The keywords if included in the domain name, will redirect all the customers searching for the keyword to the company’s website. This is among the strategies that will attract all the desired traffic and in return increasing the sales.


3. Use of short and catchy words


Short words are easy to be remember and not easily confused. Thus, a brandable domain name should have short words. The words should not have hyphens and double letters. The hyphens and double letters create unnecessary confusion which makes the company to lose its customers. The words like should be avoided.


4. The domain name should be limitless


A brandable domain name should not limit a business to a single commodity yet it offers a wide range of services/products. If the company/business deals with clothing, a domain name like should be avoided. The domain name deals only with shoes yet the business may be dealing with other clothing. A brandable domain should offer a wide room for expansion.




A brandable name is a significant tool that a company /business should embrace. The domain name serves a great deal in not only attracting the desired traffic, but also makes it possible for SEO. Thus, when it comes to choosing a brandable name, it should be done diligently.


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